AccoWize Create

Let us create your business for you.

AccoWize's expertise will ensure your business gets started the right way, with the best tools and with access to the best resources. We work hard to see you succeed.

We make sure your brand is complete.

Business Name
Our name generating techniques allow us to find unique business names with low search engine results.
Logo & Branding
We help you create a logo that will be the best graphic interpretation of your brand.
Great ideas exist in your subconscious mind and we brainstorm them into existence.

Customized Website

We create your website and make sure it will captivate your target market, create a strong brand image and generate sales. You can be sure that it will meet your business needs!

Modern Design
Corporate Email
Custom Media
Online Payments
Statistics Dashboard
Optimized Security
Time to Roll

When is the right time to have your own business?

You want to invest in a source of side income based on performance.
You want to showcase your invention, creation, art or service.
You want to make an impact in your community with your business.
You have accumulated disposable income to invest.


  • The program is designed over a period of 3 weeks. During that period, we hold timely meetings as we progress through the creation and building of your very own customized business.
  • The only cost that will be reoccurring after year 1 is the monthly online hosting expense of the professional website and corporate email. The program price includes 1 year of free hosting and a corporate email account.
  • Yes, 100%. At AccoWize, your company’s information only serves us to help you. We do not share it with any third parties and it is kept completely confidential.